More Efficient than Expensive and Time-consuming Laboratory Analysis?

How important is the right information at the right time? How much money would you save and improve efficiency if you knew the alternative? Our measurement technology offers you immediate analysis results in a cost-efficient manner. Typically, we provide new knowledge that was not possible to access before.


µDOES® technology covers nearly 30 metals in industrial process and environmental waters


24/7 real-time water monitoring without expensive consumables


Robust and field-proven for industrial measurements


Real-time quality assurance and metrology options available


Unique Features

Sensmet's proprietary μDOES® (Micro-discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) technology offers, for the first time, a unique combination of benefits for real-time process water monitoring and control:

Continuous, real-time measurement

100% automated system with extended maintenance intervals

Broad applicability from lab-on-site to process monitoring

High analytical performance

Suitable for real-time analysis of light-weight elements such as lithium, sodium, magnesium and potassium, which pose a challenge for many other methods

Low cost of ownership

Green chemistry