Detect Trace Metals in Water in 5 Minutes!

Instead of time consuming and expensive laboratory analyses Sensmet´s proprietary μDOES™ water analyser offers you a cost-efficient way to measure trace metals in real-time. Whether you operate industrial water processes or perform water treatment our measurement technology offers you a new way to optimise your process!

μDOES™ technology covers nearly 30 metals in industrial process and environmental waters

24/7 real-time water monitoring without expensive consumables

Robust and field-proven for industrial measurements

Real-time quality assurance and metrology options available

Unique Features

Sensmet's proprietary μDOES™ (Micro-discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) technology offers, for the first time, a unique combination of benefits for real-time water quality monitoring and control:

True multi-metal water analysis in real-time

Low OPEX: 24/7 operation without expensive consumables

Limit of detection in μg/L to mg/L range

50 mL sample volume

Applicable to varying process water matrices

No need for chemometric modelling

Extended maintenance and service periods

Cloud-ready & full compatibility with industrial DCS