Real-time Monitoring of Metals in Water

Instead of expensive and time-consuming laboratory analysis Sensmet´s proprietary μDOES® Multi-metal Water Analyser offers you a cost-efficient way to measure trace metals in water in real-time. Whether you are a water treatment plant operator or CEO of a mining company, our measurement technology offers you a new way to optimise your process.

µDOES® technology covers nearly 30 metals in industrial process and environmental waters

24/7 real-time water monitoring without expensive consumables

Robust and field-proven for industrial measurements

Real-time quality assurance and metrology options available

Unique Features

Sensmet's proprietary μDOES® (Micro-discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) technology offers, for the first time, a unique combination of benefits for real-time water monitoring and control:

Real-time multi-element water analysis

No sample pretreatment

Automatic operation without expensive consumables

50 mL sample volume

Limit of detection 0.1 ppm or less

Applicable to varying process water matrices

Extended maintenance and service periods

No need for chemometric modelling

Cloud-ready & full compatibility with industrial DCS