Lithium and Battery Metals

Lithium is an essential element in our daily life, including medicine and batteries

At Sensmet, we regularly use the µDOES® Online Multi-metal Water Analyser for various kinds of lithium and battery metal measurements:

Process optimisation via main component analysis - brines may contain other alkali metals even at higher concentrations than lithium. To optimise the process it is valuable to know the main process components in real time.

Product quality monitoring – measurement of impurities. Depending on the origin of lithium, typical impurities include Na, K, Rb, Fe, Al and Zn. Sensmet µDOES® provides valuable real-time information on the impurity concentrations.

Accurate lithium measurement – sometimes it’s essential to accurately measure lithium concentration in real-time

Battery recycling – we add components like Co, Ni, Cr, Mn to the analysis model

Industrial Demineralised Water / Boiler Feed Water

We see even the smallest metal impurities in ultrapure water - in real time

The analytical performance of the Sensmet µDOES® Multi-metal Water Analyser is impressive. In ultrapure water, the detection limit of metals can be below 0.01 µg/L depending on metal. So far, the performance has been used for research purposes in semiconductor and boiler water applications. Interesting.

Scrubber Liquid

Scrubber systems are used to remove pollutants like harmful particulates and/or gases in industrial exhaust streams. Wet scrubbing technology uses water or other liquid to remove unwanted pollutants from the gas stream. Online monitors are readily available for molecular gas-phase species and particulates in the exhaust gas streams.

Our customers monitor metals in real time in scrubber liquids. 100% automated and continuous monitoring of alkali, alkaline-earth and heavy metals after high-temperature combustion processes is key to corrosion management, prevention of scaling and process shutdowns as well as wastewater management.

You can find more information on the scrubber application by downloading this research report here. Please jump to the page 22 of report to read about Sensmet's new process monitoring solution!

Your Application?

Do you want the water measurement results now?

We are constantly carrying out new application studies. If there are metals in water, we have the µDOES® Multi-metal Water Analyser for you. Before shipping the next batch of samples to metals analysis in a laboratory, please contact us first.