50x less maintenance

Sensmet µDOES® analyser can provide real-time, simultaneous quantification of dissolved metal concentrations such as Ni, Co, Li, Mn and Cu in hydrometallurgical processes and mining waters.

The µDOES® has been designed to streamline the measurement process compared to off-line laboratory ICP-OES methods. The µDOES® performance is comparable to traditional ICP-OES, yet µDOES® is designed to meet but with the robustness required for continuous and fully automated industrial process monitoring. The robust design drastically reduces maintenance requirements with the absence of components such as an RF coil, a spray chamber, and a nebulizer of ICP-OES.




Continuous, real-time measurement

100% automated system with extended maintenance intervals

Broad applicability from lab-on-site to process monitoring

High analytical performance

Suitable for real-time analysis of light-weight elements such as lithium, sodium, magnesium and potassium, which pose a challenge for many other methods

Low cost of ownership

Green chemistry