About Us

Team behind Sensmet

Sensmet was launched in 2017 spinning off from several years' research on the micro-discharge analyser technology and related application development.

The Sensmet team has extensive experience in industrial measurements and R&D.

We are currently building strategic partnerships to make a step change in water process optimisation in selected industrial sectors. If you got interested and want to realise the benefits offered by the unique µDOES® multi-metal water analyser, please do get in touch. Let us optimise your water process. Together.

Toni Laurila

CEO, D.Sc.

Kalle Blomberg von der Geest

CTO, M.Sc.

Mikko Suutari

Production Manager, M.Sc.

Ari Mäkinen

Principal R&D Engineer, Ph.D.

Miisamari Jeskanen

R&D Chemist, M.Sc.

Markus Rauhalahti

Data Scientist, M.Sc.

Anette Pakarinen

Sales and Marketing Assistant