Revolutionary µDOES® Technology

Towards Sustainable Process Development

Do you want to improve your processes to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly? Sensmet can provide continuous, real-time data on process water quality that allows a detailed understanding of your process. Our real-time analysis goes beyond any traditional measurement. From ultrapure water to brines, our vision is to measure all the parameters needed to optimise the most significant factors affecting the process yield while contributing to sustainable development.

With Sensmet µDOES® technology you can simultaneously analyse multiple metals starting from the sub-µg/L level in ultrapure water applications. In aqueous solutions of the heavy industry, e.g., process water applications in mining and steel, the typical measurement range starts from sub-mg/L.

Sensmet Technology

Sensmet's breakthrough technology, Micro-Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy µDOES®, enables multi-metal real-time analysis of aqueous samples. Typical applications include continuous quality monitoring of ultrapure water, process water and saturated brines.

The patented µDOES® technology is based on atomic emission spectroscopy. A micro-discharge, i.e., electric spark, is uniquely created directly inside the aqueous sample. In an instant, a microscopic volume of the fluid surrounding the spark gets flash-heated to a high 10,000 °C temperature. Molecular species in the micro-discharge get dissociated into atoms, followed by excitation of the atoms to their respective higher electronic states. Upon returning to their ground state, atoms release their excess energy by emitting light at their characteristic wavelengths. Measuring the atomic emission spectrum enables quantitative analysis of the metals contained in the water sample.

In several respects, Sensmet µDOES® technology is similar to ICP-OES. However, the µDOES® is far more straightforward, resulting in a robust and powerful analyser applicable to 24/7 field operation.